Sunday, October 2, 2022

AMANSA TIAFI (Public Toilet Africa) (2021) Tallgrass 2022

One of the best looking at the films at Tallgrass concerns a woman who comes back to the city where she was given to a white art dealer as a child in order to repay an old debt. (Actually there are several other narrative threads running through this film  but the revenge one is that is the through line.)

I have mixed feelings for this film. Beautiful to look at, excellently acted and with style to burn it is a fantastic calling card for director Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah. There are some stunning sequences where everything comes together in a glorious cinematic vision. On the other hand there is a bit too much going on with perhaps too many characters coming and going.  Its not fatal it’s just messy.

While I’m mixed the film is still worth a look for anyone wanting to see great cinematic talent at work.

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