Thursday, October 13, 2022

Cat Daddies (2021)


Full disclosure I live in a house with five cats.

Cat Daddies is about a group of men who have cats and don’t really care who knows. Indeed many of them have YouTube and Instagram channels where they flog their cats for everyone’s enjoyment. The film is a look at how cats can help make people better and also bring them together.

This film is an absolute joy. It is the best sort of a film, working both as cat porn and as a moving documentary on the importance of animals in our lives.  Having  many cats (and a dog) myself I found myself agreeing with much of the sentiment that was expressed in the film. Actually I was just taken with the warmth and compassion of the people in the film. There is a genuine love for the animals which is best seen by the discussion of the men helping with cat rescue.

For me the most moving part of the film was the story David a homeless man and his cat Lucky. Both man and cat are helping each other get along. This is especially important for David who has cancer,

I don’t know what else to say. This is a sweet charming and loving film that will delight you and make you feel good. It also might make you go out and get a cat, or two.

Highly recommended.

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