Friday, October 21, 2022

Flowing (2022) Brooklyn Horror


A family broken by the death of the mother in an accident. As the family struggles to not totally break apart a weird gas is seeping up from the sewers forcing them to see the most horrific things they can imagine.

This visually stunning film will grab your attention from the opening credits and hold it tight until the final credits.  Few films of any sort have looked this good all year. It’s a visual delight where the fact the form is a more the content won’t bother you.

Reminding me of a rain and  neon drenched gaillo mixed with the work of the Bavas  this is a wicked little horror film that transcends it’s horror roots in order to become something more thanks to it’s revealing itself to be a flashy family drama. It wasn’t what I expected and while the emotion might be a bit over done it’s keeping with the flush visual style.

Definitely worth a look especially if you love visually moody Euro thrillers.

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