Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Last Flight Home (2022) opens Friday

Ondi Timoner charts the final days of her 92 year old father Eli. Eli is bed ridden and wants to die. 40 years earlier, after building Florida Airlines into something he suffered a stroke which complicated his life. Now with his condition deteriorating to the point it is harming his wife who can't handle his falls and other issues himself, he sets a course toward ending his life.

This is an excellent look at one man and his family as they come together go to the end. It's a deeply moving film by a woman who is smart enough to let everyone have their say, about their patriarch and the situation at hand. 

As dark as the issue is, this is a film about what it means to be alive. What is the best sort of life and what do we do when we can't have it? This is a well thought out discussion of the issues at hand and a wonderful celebration of a man's life and the love he shared.

I was moved.

While not for all audiences, the film follows Eli to the end, something that some people may not want to experience, it is recommended for those who want to take the journey.

(And please forgive me for the brevity of the review; this film kicked up some emotions still floating around in the wake of the death of my own dad)

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