Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Zero Fucks Given (2022) plays tonight at FIAF

Despite Adèle Exarchopoulos‘ excellent performance the title of the film pretty much sums up my feelings for it.

Forgive me if that’s cold but I never really connected with the film. 

The film is verité like study of an airline hostess who works for a bargain company. As part of her job she has to hawk duty free goods to the captive audience on the flights.  In her free time she parties with the other workers and people she meets along the way. When she is sent home for the first time in ages she has to deal with the fallout of the death of her mother, something she has been running from for ages.

Documentary style approach for most of the film aside I wasn’t sure what I was really supposed to get out of this. Exarchopoulos‘ job is terrible and watching her go through her paces was interesting for a while but it began to weigh on me because I never could be completely invested. Part of the problem is the film is verité until it isn’t, with some scenes shot with a harsh lighting  in ways that go against the conceit of the film. When the film shifted focus to her interacting with her family I was too disconnected to come back to the film emotionally. It didn’t help that I didn’t see much thematically that I could take from it so I didn’t see a point to it.

While the performances are excellent the rest of it was rather cold.

Not really recommended

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