Sunday, October 2, 2022

EAST BAY (2022) Tallgrass 2022

Tired of chasing being happy, successful and romance and being humiliated at every turn, and feeling as though he let his parents down, accepts his place in life. Hoping to get his life together he reaches out to friends and acquaintances who are also having their own crisis. 

Good little comedy drama is the sort of thing that festivals (and Unseen Films) are supposed to highlight. This is a small gem of a film about some people we really haven’t seen before. It’s an enjoyable film that would probably get lost if it was just dumped into the world. Fortunately Tallgrass has picked it up so it will get some attention.

Then again the film has Constance Wu in a co-starring role so that will get some people to see the film. She is honestly the best thing in the film and what I loved about her performance is she makes it look so easy.


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