Friday, April 26, 2019

Neighbor's Window (2019) Tribeca 2019

A married couple, with young kids, notice some new neighbors in the apartment across the way. As time passes life happens for both families.

This is an absolute gem of a film. It is a wonderful story stunningly told. It is an textbook example of what happens when you get the pacing of a short exactly precisely right. The result is a film that tells a story that creeps up and jumps you when you least expect it.

Honestly this could have gone horribly wrong. If the run time was wrong, if the beats were off it, if it had decided to show us too much, it wouldn’t have had the emotional impact it does. When we hit “the moment” it just smacks you right in the face and the misty tears come and it’s a perfect release of emotion we never knew we had pent up.

I don’t dare say too much about what happens because I might wreck it.

A must see. Highly recommended

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