Thursday, April 25, 2019

Release (2019) Tribeca 2019

Screening as part of NOW HEADSPACE as part of this years Tribeca Film Festival Release is a web series concerning the spread of a disease which has an outward sign of black blood. The episodes are 8 minutes each. There are 6 episodes and 2 are screening at the festival.

PILOT - concerns a young woman who is just released from prison. On her ride back to the city the van she is in hits a car driven by two infected people.

SHELTER- has a young man show up at a bomb shelter of his friend. He was promised a place but he arrived late...

Two solid  and independent episodes show a lot of promise. The promotional material says that the episodes could be expanded. I can see expansion in the second, the first is actually a perfect little film with a sting in it's tail,

You will forgive me, but it's hard to write about the series. I've only seen two parts but I'm curious to see how the story goes.

Does it have the potential to go anywhere? Yes it does, especially if it can avoid the pitfalls of similar series.

That said the first episode is a perfect short film that is both perfectly self contained and promises something bigger.

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