Friday, April 26, 2019

Two from Nick Borenstein 99 and SWEATER (Tribeca 2019)

The Tribeca is screening to films by Nick Borenstein  as part of NOW Showcase Reality Check. They are both gems and highly recommended (They screen again April 30th at 945pm)

Absolute charming film has a mother and son(Borenstein) go to a 99 cents store to shop for a Bar Mitzvah gift. Borenstein gets it dead on right and makes it all very real. This was in a way what shopping was like with my mom,except she didn't know the people at the 99 cent store by name. The is a wonderful slice of life that made me want to see what happened next-truly I want to see what happens at the Bar Mitzvah not because I want to laugh but because I want more time with these people which makes 99 a triumph.

Small trifle about how one man wears his sweater changes people's attitude toward him. Sure to put a smile on your face this small gem is impossible to write about since the majority of the film is a dance number that is wonderful.

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  1. Two wonderful short films. 99 combines the sweetness of a loving mother and son with the overlay of illness and addiction. Sweater is superficially a terrific dance film but really is richly much more. Rejection begins the film, but it ends with a small measure of redemption. Both are well worth your time when they get published on the internet. Good job, Tribeca