Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Cabane à Sang (the Blood Shed) film festival is back for ROUND TWO, with films even greasier than a double cheeseburger made with pizzas for buns!


Cabane à Sang is going to be back for a second weekend of totally out there films.  Based on what I've seen of the first weekend hide the kids hide the parents and hide anyone who insists on good taste- then again why are you hanging out with them?

If weekend two is like weekend one it is going to be a three plus hours of  blood and bodily fluids mixed with totally off the wall insanity. If you like off the beaten path and strange films I highly recommend the fest.

Right now I am working on watching the films from the first weekend and hopefully I can get something up soon to steer the right people to the fest. Then again watching the wrong people at the fest will be fun too.

Anyway here is the press release for week two.

The festival would like to specify that they are not to be held responsible of the damages caused by the drinking game invented by its viewers, which they based on the interventions of the host throughout the night.

« Thanks to the Blood Shed, we were treated to trashy, weird and funny films and best of all, liters after liters of fake bodily fluids. This was the kind of Saturday night we really needed in our confinement cocoons.»
- François Larivière – Marketing & Partnership Director at

« Muther fuckin' supercalifragilisticexpialidocious »
- Simon Predj – Host of the Ars Moriendi podcast

« Cabane à Sang is really like going to the sugar shack: Too greasy, not very clean and quickly digested.»
- Marc Boisclair – Editor-in-chief – Horreur.Quebec

Sponsored by Sploosh Juice, this fest promises to deliver the juicy goods when it comes to films, as well as during the hosted segments. The success of the first event was made very clear as the 8000 viewers (cumulative), would plaster the live chat with cheeseburger emojis to show their love for the greasy flicks. The ambiance was “lit AF” as the audience created drinking games where they would drink every time the host said “Motherfuckin” live on the air. Some of them even admitted that due to the game, they were wasted before the first hour of the stream was done!

Saturday April 18th, Cabane à Sang (The Blood Shed), will be back on air, live streaming from their anti-coronavirus containment shelter with a roster of films just as greasy as the first night. Frank Appache will be back on the air at 7PM (EST) to host a variety wide variety of horror and trashy film. Featuring films from this era, hosted in a style resembling MTV from 20 years ago, captured on 40 year old cameras.

Named “The Quebec prince of Trash” by Horreur.Quebec, Frank Appache is back alongside Martin Richard for a second year in a row with Cabane a Sang (Blood Shed). The fest was born from the Road-Cinema that toured the province of Quebec, promoting locally made genre cinema of feature and short lengths. The hype surrounding these types of greasy events made it clear there was a big gaping hole in the film scene and these two film buffs are more than happy to fill it.

April 18th 2020 at 7:00pm (EST) –

Duration: Three hours of films per night
Provenance: Hochellywood (Montréal, Canada)
Language: French/English
Festival director: Frank Appache & Martin Richard
Admission: Free

Films from: Quebec, Canada, Australia, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA.

Notes: Due to the bilingual nature of the residents of Montreal, the livestream is hosted in Frenglish. Expect some switching back and forth

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