Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Freaky Deaky - Tribeca Talks: After the Movie

          I just wanted to share a few visuals that we captured from the FREAKY DEAKY panel discussion that DB, Mondocurry, & I attended last Sunday night after we watched the World Premiere screening of this film at the School of Visual Arts Theatre - part of the Tribeca Film Festival. The panel was moderated by Kurt Loder with cast members from the movie which included Michael Jai White, Crispin Glover, Andy Dick, Sabina Gadecki, Breanne Racano, Leonard Robinson, and the director - Charles Matthau (Walter Matthau’s son). Let these photos serve as an appetizer before one of us at Unseen fully digests Freaky Deaky - Charles Matthau’s adaptation of the classic Elmore Leonard novel!

           To be honest, I was expecting something totally different from this film - something more action packed, gritty, and foul mouthed w 70's funk & wit with plenty of blaxploitation overtones. With the likes of Michael Jai White on the cast, I guess I was envisioning badass Black Dynamite fighting crimes without doing the time vs THE MAN in a BOONDOCKS like setting. But don’t fret, my misunderstanding of the film leads to a whole lots of off the wall, crime fighting, psychedelic, & tongue and cheek surprise performances from Andy Dick, Christian Slater, Crispin Glover, and yes - the more comedic role played by the charismatic, loyal but conniving - Michael Jai White.

 Hope y'all enjoy the visuals from the panel!

    DSC05033 (Moderator - Kurt Loder and Director - Charles Matthau) DSC05057 (Breanne Racano and Sabina Gadecki) DSC05053 (Andy Dick and Michael Jai White giving each other the look!) DSC05051 (Michael Jai White and Crispin Glover) DSC05050 (Breanne Racano and Sabina Gadecki) DSC05048 (Sabina Gadecki and Andy Dick) DSC05042 (Leonard Robinson and Breanne Racano) DSC05055

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