Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank you Rodriguez. Day 9 at Tribeca

This is just a brief thank you to the extremely wonderful Rodriguez. He's the subject of the film Searching for Sugar Man. Earlier today, Chocko and myself, along with a good number of the press covering the Tribeca Film Festival attended a special mini-concert of Rodriguez by the City Winery. When it was done Chocko and myself hung around and waited to see if we could get our CDs signed by the man. Taking time out from his interview schedule he spent a couple minutes with both of us. While I'll talk more on it in my review of the film, I just had to say thank you to the Rodriguez and his people. Seeing and meeting him was probably the high point of the festival. What away to end things.

And with that, I'm pretty much done with Tribeca. I may attend the family festival tomorrow, but for now I'm done...

...and while I maybe done with screenings reports continue for the next week so keep reading.

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