Sunday, April 22, 2012

Planet Snail (2011) Tribeca 2012

Deliberately paced documentary about a deaf and blind man and his handicapped wife will move you with its expression of what love is.

I don't know how much to say or what to say, but damn I need to find a love like this. The joy these two people have in each other is truly magical.

The film follows the pair through their normal routines. They see friends, he goes to school(he's studying Hebrew), he writes, his plays are performed,they change a light bulb. That doesn't sound enthralling but it is.

Warned by Mondocurry that I would have to stay with the film, I sat down and just went with it. There is no narration, there is just the life of this couple who clearly enjoy each other and life. Details of their lives come through over the course of the film, of how they met, their aspirations, and how deaf and blind he is(a good question since he seems to speak quite well.) Its all there is you simply just wait for it and not demand to have everything up front.

Mostly I think you'll remember the love between the pair. They move together as if one. They are constantly smiling at things the other is doing. And then there is the simple statements of affection, first early on about wanting to die together. Its a statement that kind of feels contrived, that is until later in the film when he goes off for a day alone. When they meet back up there is an exchange that brought a tear to my eye as they express how empty they felt without each other. Its a small moment and one that is powerfully real.

A very touching film.

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