Friday, April 20, 2012

Tribeca Day 2

Lots of new faces floating through the Tribeca Film Festival Lots of old faces too...

Between films I was talking to the volunteers outside the theaters. We were trading recommendations, including Unit 7 which I reviewed earlier today. Theyve steered me toward a couple things I was hesitating about, Yossi for example. I'll let you know how I make out with what they've suggested.

On the other hand, the clip from one of the films at the festival they are showing before some films has completely turned me off completely. I won't say which one, because its only a scene and maybe the film is better...

I do have to say that I like the pre-film bits. Its mostly new material and its all visual treats.

On a personal note, I'm less tired than I was yesterday. I think the excitement toward`the film festival has calmed down a bit, though I was up for two hours in the middle of the night writing up yesterdays films. I'm amazed at the amount of writing Tribeca has produced from me. I'm watching and writing and watching and writing and writing and writing...

Today I saw 4 films. Reviews will be coming, but in case you're interested the films were:

EVOCATEUR THE MORTON DOWNEY JR MOVIE- This is a really good look at the man, his brief rise to fame, and his equally fast fall. Its a film that not only tell us about Morton Downey, but it also puts reality TV in a historical context.

TAKE THIS WALTZ- take this movie. I really didn't like this movie at all...well not at all but close.

DON'T STOP BELIEVING is the story of Arnel Pineda who was discovered on You Tube and became the lead singer of Journey. Its a really good film, that's about a half an hour too long.

OFF LABEL a badly unfocused film about prescription drugs and their uses. Following 8 different people in 80 minutes this film has so much useless material in it that you could cut this by 70 minutes and not lose anything. What a waste.

I should talk about the reviews. I have everything other than today's films set up to go. There are multiple reviews everyday through the week after the festival. However, Blogger has changed over to a new interface and the reviews are not coming up as scheduled. I'm hoping things get worked out since there is a great deal of good stuff coming.

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