Saturday, April 21, 2012

A long winded look at day 3 of Tribeca including all we've seen

Its been a crazy day...

Late last night I found that Yahoo Movies quoted my less than kind words about First Winter in a story about the filmmakers getting into trouble over killing a deer out of season.

If you want little quips and previews of reviews you should be following me on Twitter. I'm talking about stuff way before it shows up here. Follow me here. (And follow Mondocurry since he's getting ahead of me on many things.

I do have to say that the blog has devouring my life without adding in Tribeca. Changes are going to have to be made to keep me upright.... expect changes and perhaps a real name or two after Tribeca is done.

The movies today were a mixed bag.  I started the day asking recommendations from Peter Gutierrez. And then headed off to Tribeca.

The first film I saw was a film Mr Gutierrez disliked, FREE SAMPLES. I tried it because I figured it couldn't have been that bad. Yes it could. Its a film that has a running gag about some on peeing on his girl friends couch...and it goes from there. Unkind words will be coming.

THE WORLD BEFORE HER is a great documentary about young women in India. Some are in the Miss India contest. Others are in a Hindu nationalist camp. Its a film that changes as it goes and causes you to think. About half way in I felt like the seat had been kicked out from under me. Its an amazing, thought provoking film I can't even do justice to in these few lines.

GRACELAND is one of the most disturbing films of the festival. It's about a driver  for a Congressman. His daughter ends up kidnapped with the congressman's daughter...and then it all spirals out (I've also just lied slightly on purpose). Its a film that will abuse you and slap you and force you to react. I have to find the words before I can review it. You all just go see it.

HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE is an okay documentary about two citizen reporters in China. They use the Internet to reveal wrongs happening in Mainland China. Its good, but not anything you need to run out to see.

I've been talking to people all over the place and I keep getting asked what have I seen? If you want to know what I've seen so far I've included a list below:

Sleepless Nights
Supporting Characters
Bookers Place
The Russian Winter
Unit 7
Eddie The Sleep Walking Cannibal
Side by Side
Death of a Superhero
Town of Runners
The Flat
Room 514
Journey to Planet X
Rat King
Portrait of Wally
All In
El Gusto
First Winter
Down East
Let Fury Have the Hour
Sexy Baby
As Luck Would Have It
Beyond the Hill
Planet of Snail
War Witch
Chicken with Plums
Evocateur:The Morton Downey Jr Movie
Take This Waltz
Off Label
Don't Stop Believing

I'm sorry for not giving a thumbs up or down, or saying when I'm reviewing  what, but that's more complicated than anything I'm capable of right now. Don't worry, its all getting reviewed in the next two weeks, plus another 25 to 30 other titles. That's between 65 and 70 movies, which is too many damn movies, but that's what Unseen is all about, movies.

(I should also mention that Mondocurry and the other crazies have also seen, many of the above plus  Certain People, Consuming Spirits, Francophrenia, Postcards From the Zoo and a couple others. This means Unseen has officially seen half of Tribeca's titles)

Okay I have real reviews to write. Do yourself a favor and try to get some tickets, there are a bunch of great films playing.

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