Monday, April 30, 2012

Town of Runners (2012) Tribeca 2012

From last years excellent Donor Unknown comes the merely okay Town of Runners.

This is the story of Bekoji in Ethiopia which has bred a large number of world class runner. Focusing on two girls who show promise, their coach and a young man in the town, this film shows what it takes to be on the road toward a career as a world class runner.

Its also not a particularly good film. The problem is that the film just seems to ramble on over the course of four years. The girls are good enough to go off for special training. One ends up in a good club, one ends up in a shit hole and declines in ability. The coach falls by the wayside as does the young man who narrates some of the film.

While not terrible I was nodding off. I can't see seeing this in a theater and suggest waiting for a cable run, probably on one of the ESPN channels.

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