Monday, April 23, 2012

Downeast (2012) Tribeca 2012

Antonio is a self made millionaire who gambles everything to reopen a cannery in Maine.

This is a story of our time that shows how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.Its a fact that is driven home as Antonio is forced to put everything he owns on the line as the town fathers try to stop him from getting fund (he'll be in competition with them) and the banks go skittish when a client bounces a 90 thousand dollar check.

Its a good little film that seems more like an extended segment of 60 Minutes or an episode of dateline NBC. The trouble is that the film doesn't have enough meat, enough detail and back story to fill out its 76 minute running time. Its simply:

Old plant closes
Antonio wants to reopen.
The people want it.
The town fathers don't.
Banks go skittish despite order increasing...

It's not bad, but it in the current form its little more than the aforementioned TV show.

Worth a look but not on a big screen.

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