Sunday, October 12, 2014

A great day at NYFF and NY Comic Con - Reports coming

I had a long day:

I saw BIRDMAN this morning- one of the best films of 2014
I had lunch with  John, Hubert and Alec
I went to Comic Con with Alec and met Mondo.(Hey they got the crowds on Saturday to human levels)
I wandered NYC with Mondo before going to see Roger Corman talk at the New Yorker Fest.
I also had a very late dinner with Joe Bendell (thanks to our order getting lost)
I took lots of pictures and talked to lots of people.

I'm exhausted- and I have to get up very early tomorrow to see CITIZEN FOUR so I'm going to bed.

Look for tons of pictures to go up tomorrow night- including the BIRDMAN press conference and Comic Con (I need to work on the press confernce pix since the location is great for a movie but sucked for non-flash photos and its so flat I had heads in every shot)

Until then know John's BIRDMAN review goes live in a short time. and I'll be reporting in with stuff soon.

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