Friday, October 17, 2014

Brief word on Flight from SIngapore (1962)

Small scale adventure film has  a couple of men starting up their own air service in Singapore. Times are tough  but they muddle through. Things take a turn for the better when they are contacted about making a run with needed medicine. However things don't go as plan and the plane goes down in a storm.

Small scale adventure film gains points by obviously having been shot on location. The location shooting adds much to what would otherwise be a run of the mill story. Actually the two reasons this film works, and is getting a mention here at Unseen is that the script is pithy and full of some great dialog with men being men and the other is that the performances are spot on. Say what you will about the film being run of the mill there is something about the way the cast sells the sstory that carries you along. I'm serious, I was like well that was good...and on to the next thing, but I kept coming back to the film. I kept feeling like I should go back and write the film up because while it isn't earth shattering it is damn enjoyable.

Currently available from Sinister Cinema, the film is definitely worth a look.

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