Thursday, October 30, 2014

Point and Shoot opens Friday

Opening Friday is POINT AND SHOOT the story of a young man who went off and ended up fighting in Libya with the rebels. I saw the film at Tribeca where it wowed some critics but didn’t impress me much. The problem with the film, which has largely faded from my memory is that it’s very much about everything except the person at its center. Here is the the short piece I wrote after seeing at Tribeca

…the okay POINT AND SHOOT is the story of Matthew Van Dyke a young man with a wicked case of OCD and a burning desire for adventure. After traveling the world on motorcycle he ended up going to join the rebellion in Libya. The story of what happened is the film. A good but unremarkable film, the film seems like any number of other films destined for PBS. For me the film suffers from telling the story but never really letting us know VanDyke. When the film ended I felt I knew his story but not the man. I think its worth seeing but I can't suggest paying theater prices to see it.

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