Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stray Dog (2014) New York Film Festival 2014

Slice of life film that follows Ron "Stray Dog" Hall and his wife as they go through several months of their lives, running their trailer park, helping other Vets, attending to family matters and just living life.

I find it hard to really write about this film, not because it's bad rather because its just life. How do you rate life? Hall is a Vietnam vet still struggling with his demons, who finds solace in friends and family. We watch as he travels across country to honor his fallen brothers, helps his neighbors, welcomes a grandchild and brings his step sons up from Mexico,  Its a beautiful portrait of a man just living and trying to get along. There are no artificial crisis just the struggle to get through a day. This is a rare bird film that shows us life without real conflict.

Its wonderful...

...though to be completely honest, as much as I like the film I do think it's 20 minutes too long. there is no reason this needs to run over 100 minutes when 80  or so would do nicely.

Reservation aside, this is definitely worth your time.

The film screens October 2 and 3.

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