Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 wrap up

Yes they got it all right this year.

Yes My worry about going was unfounded.

Yes I had a blast.

This was a great year at New York Comic Con and I can't wait to go again.

As you may know I have tons of pictures up over at our Tumblr page.

Mostly I just wandered the floor and talked to people. Yes I know there were panels and such, but most of the panels I wanted to attend conflicted with other commitments. Mostly I walked the floor, with Mondo, with Alec and mostly myself and watched and talked.

I do have to say that the cosplay was down this year. Outside of Sunday there didn't seem to be as much as in past years. I'm guessing because many who bought the multi-day passes were not the sort to dress up.

I do have to say there were a large number of girls dressed as Poison Ivy, however not all of them had the shape for it, the pregnant young lady who I saw probably should have chosen a different costume.

A lot of my big smiles were the result of small children-

There was one young girl who was wearing a white suit and had her skin colored blue . She kept touching her face with her white gloves making them blue-and making everything she touched after that blue as well. Her parents chatted back and forth  above her trying to work out how not to pass on the blue to everyone around her.

There were two small Supermans running amok. One I ended up running into all day Saturday as he was taking the suit seriously and getting into trouble or danger as his father tried to keep him safe-his response "its okay dad, I'm Superman" made the dad groan.

The other Superman was a small kid who was standing near the entrance to the sales floor trying to fly. He'd throw his hand up and yell "up up and away!" only to have nothing happened. Finally after several tries he grbbed off his Comic Con badge and threw it on the floor because he knew that was holding him back.

Despite the non-harassment policy one hentai seller was singing obscene songs to the young girls at his booth. I never saw him again after Friday and I hope someone pulled him from the floor.

I felt bad for the security people by the press lounge- lots of people were trying to talk their way into the bathrooms there figuring there was no crowd so no line- but to be honest the womens room always had a line sine there are only two stalls there and the mens room wasn't much better with a stall and urinal.

I loved watching Tara McPherson and the other ladies painting in the block. Over the four days of the festival I watched paintings go from sketches to full blown works of art. It was a wonderful thing to see and I got to watch as McPherson chose the right shade of paint, and kept mixing it until she got ot right. It sounds dull, but seeing the act of creation was a blast.

I had a lot of fun running into friends and acquaintances. Wandering the floor with Mondo was a blast,  as was wandering over to the Javitts with Alec. I also got to talk to people like Eric Beckman of G-Kids about  his up coming films.

You'll forgive me for not reporting more, but I didn't do a great many wide and wonderful things. This year, the first year in many, I got to wander the Con and just enjoy it. I went to things and had a good time. I talked to people and saw wonders (The WETA booth was wickedly cool).

Basically I was having such a good time I didn't have time to take notes.

Hopefully if all goes well, I'll get to do this again next year.

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