Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bear Binko's Bear Mace (2014) and the Famous Oldie films

Bear Binko's Binko's Bear Mace from Famous Oldie on Vimeo.

This is the latest film from Famous Oldie  which is Ben Kujawski, Trevor Clifford and Matt Newby.

These guys are very funny in all the right ways.

No really. They are. Watch the film above and then go to their website Famous Oldie and watch the rest of their films and I'm sure you'll agree.

What I love about these guys is that not only are they funny, they are really clever. There is are brains operating behind the laughs.

If you want to know how clever these guys are take a look at the Ben Kujawski helmed Woods Baseball. The story of a baseball league that  plays baseball in the woods where they have to deal with trees everywhere.  Its sounds like a stupid idea until you realize that there are guys who would do that in a heart beat (I'm one of them). Clifford does something many short comedy filmmakers wouldn't do, he plays it reasonably straight and he holds the premise.  He and the other guys at Famous Oldie realize that you have keep things under control with short comedies lest you leave the audience wondering what they were it is now you just wonder what they were ingesting and willthey be able to keep it up with out overdosing long enough to make feature films.

I can't say enough good about these guys. They made me laugh out loud and send the link to their website around to my friends

I know this isn't the be all and end all write up on the films, but you know what the films speak for themselves. The laughter they create speaks way more loudly then anything I can say about them.

When I was introduced to Famous Oldie right before the New York Film festival I started to write something up, but then I realized that I needed to take time and write up something after the festival. When the festival was done I sat down and started to rewatch the films and I started to laugh.  I was having such a good time that I really wanted to write something....

Then I realized that the best thing I can say about them is that you have one of their films at the top, and there are various other links scattered through this piece to their website and other films so just take some time and watch them. Seriously if you take the time and watch what they do, you'll realize that any bullshit that I could come up with is trumped by the laughs that Binko or Woods Baseball produces.

The guys at Famous Oldie don't need me to review their films, all they need me to do is tell you to watch their films and give you the links because their films don't need my help, they're more than fine all on their own.

Watch their films here.

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