Friday, October 10, 2014

New York Comicon 2014-Day 1-Its infinitely better than last year

Yes I bitched about not wanting to go this year because the crowds last year left a bitter taste in my mouth, but this year it's been different. Okay yes its one day, but Thursday's crowd last year was ugly. Looking over my notes I really didn't have a good time.

This year, outside of the hour long line to get in - I wouldn't have minded except that when I got to the gate I was told - "why did you wait on this line you're press you can go right in the Blue door". Well everyone up to this point told me to go this way....

After that it wasn't bad

I ran into Eric Beckman from the New York International Children's Film Festival and G-Kids. He showed me to their booth and scooted off. I took pictures and took lots of cards and buttons for Princess Kaguya for Eden, John, Randi and Bully. I then headed off.

I missed the Disney panel- just because they were out of wrist bands. I then wandered the floor.

I have man stories from the pregnant, barely dressed Poison Ivy I saw, to the Little girl (she was about five) colored blue who was coloring everyone's world-including her own as her coloring came off , to wandering the floor with Mondo, to riding an escalator with Adam West, and watching Tara McPherson paint. But it will have to wait, I'm too tired

On the other hand photos are up at Tumblr.- and I'm talking tons of photos

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