Thursday, October 23, 2014

A few words on WHIPLASH (2014) New York Film Festival 2014

JK Simmons at the NYFF press conference for WHIPLASH
WHIPLASH played the first weekend of the New York Film Festival and began it's theatrical run. I know we've said a few things on the film, but I thought I'd say a few more.

The film has a young drummer named Andrew going to a big named music school. He catches the eye of a legendary teacher who brings him into his jazz band and then begins to torment the young man mercilessly.

Darkly funny and very tense psychological drama/thriller WHIPLASH is based in part on director/writer Damien Chazelle's experiences in a high school band mixed with those of some of his friends. Its a film that questions the drive to be the best and ponders the need to beat greatness into people. While I'm not sure what the film ultimately says about either subject, I do know it's a fine and compelling film.

JK Simmons is a shoe in for an Oscar nomination as Fletcher the foul mouth teacher from Hell, Sweet one minute, violently abusive the next  he is your worst nightmare of a teacher and then some. While you understand, on some tiny level, what he's going for, his methods are of course highly suspect.

While I never cried nor had the chills that several of my fellow writers claimed to get as a result of the film I did have a good time.

Definitely a film you want to see, especially if you want proof that music can be nastier than football.

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