Monday, July 1, 2019

The Scoundrels (2019) NYAFF 2019

Disgraced basketball player now working for the mob finds himself hunted by the police for a nasty robbery after he ends up connected to the real robber .

Violent gritty action of the sort the New York Asian Film Festival used to be full of before the shift away from mostly genre and to drama  comedies and  art house fare, it is exactly what the audiences wanting balls to the wall action are looking for. Filled with a seemingly unending series of realistic set pieces this is a film that leaves a wide path of destruction that ends with both hero and villain bloodied bruised and broken.

While I could quibble with the fact that our heroes luck is a little too bad, and I am mixed on knowing exactly how the film is going to end from the first minute of the film, I absolutely ate this film up. I had a grand old time watching a film that hearkens back to the glory days of Hong Kong action cinema but with a modern day twist.

This is one of the real joyous popcorn films of the festival and it will leave the audience cheering.

Highly recommended- this is one of NYAFFs best films.

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