Saturday, April 4, 2020

BEDLAM (2020) Closes the Reelabilities Film Festival NYC Monday night

Excellent look at the state of mental health care in the united states. Covering the history of treatment for patients as well as taking a hard look at the state of things, the film is an eye opener for any one who has had to deal with the system either themselves or for a loved one. It is a film that left me shaking my head and pondering what we need to do to be able to be better.

While the film can be faulted, slightly, for trying to do too much in too a much too short two hour run time, it does open many avenues for the viewer to explore on their own.This is an important film and a must see.

Highly recommended.

For details on the Reelabilities screening which will be followed by a virtual Q+A with producer Peter Miller and additional guests go here

BEDLAM will screen on  PBS on April 13. For information on that screening go here.

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