Saturday, February 27, 2021

A brief look at THE WAR AND PEACE OF TIM O'BRIEN (2020) which hits VOD Tuesday


A look at writer Tim O'Brien as he works on a book for his young children. The book is the result of O'Brien realizing that in his 70's he will not be there for his kids who are only just approaching their teen age years.

Good with great moments portrait of a great writer. This is a look at the man looking back at his life and taking stock of the life he has now that gives us  good sense of the man.

While this is wonderful portrait of the man today, I'm not sure it really works as look at O'Brien's whole life. Yes we get glimpse of earlier works and but its all seen through the now and the man he is today. This was all well and good for me since I had read some of his books but at the same time I never really felt that I got a sense of his whole life.

While never bad it never fully soars to the level of several fleeting moments. Worse because the film is so focused on now and the ticking clock to finish his book the film feels link of repetitive and as though we could trim 20 minutes without losing anything. (How many times is he going to talk about the shortness of his time on earth anyway?)

Still, for fans, its a must see.

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