Sunday, February 7, 2021

Nightcap 2/7/21- Are you a film fan or an image snob? and random bits

Bill Morrison GREAT FLOOD

A quick question- if you were given a lost film that you've been looking for for years, but the picture wasn't going to be perfect, would you turn it down?

Some people I've been talking to would not want to watch it.  

Why? Because they need it perfect.

I'm not as picky. I grew up chasing films any way I could. I would go nuts if I could see a film in what ever way I could. Badly duped 16mm prints or endlessly copied VHS copies were okay in my book. I would, and still will, take a film in any connection so long as it means I can see something lost.

While many of the films I chased (say the original The Lone Ranger serials) first were out there in fragmentary condition and in copies a couple of degrees short of being just a black screen, I was always happy to see them in any form. Yea eventually they showed up later in great condition, but at the same time they were more fun in the fragmentary form. 

While I would love to see a film under optimal conditions, I'm too big a film fan to even consider passing on a lost gem just because it isn't Bluray quality.


Slamdance starts Friday. I will have a curtain raiser tomorrow. Reviews will start on Friday when the embargoes lift. (Remember the whole fest is only 10 bucks)


The loss of Christopher Plummer this week is huge. He deserves a long piece on what he meant to me (a great deal) but for right now I can't do it justice.


Remember  ANIMATION FIRST is still running for another week. The whole festival is 20 bucks, so do yourself a favor and buy a pass and go crazy. 


Not sure about anyone else but Sundance has exhausted me in a way few festivals have- and this was simply just staying at home. I was as exhausted as I am covering Tribeca for six weeks


This week new releases and potential Oscar shorts.


Speaking of Oscars- short lists hit starting Tuesday


 A general note to any PR people and filmmakers who sent me emails in the last couple of weeks- I am hopelessly behind- Over the last few weeks I've gotten hundreds of emails and not been able to keep up.

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