Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Best of Annecy Film Festival collection is a must at Animation First

One of the best collections of animation I've run across in years, this collection of short from the Annecy Festival is worth the price of a festival pass (20 bucks) for Animation First by itself. Its so good I want copies of all of the films to revisit down the road. 

AWOKO'S 1970's
Annecy promo set in a funky 1970's

Life in a flooded and polluted city, the result of climate change. Sadly there are still tigers
Wow and then some animation tells a great story that is by turns spell binding, tense and frightening. Again- WOW.

A loner has a mystical night on the town
I have no idea what it means but the animation is amazing and at times hypnotic.

3D animation of life from the river on up. 
Spectacular world creation. Not sure if it adds up to much but its cool

black and white masterpiece fantasy. I desperately want to press this into the hands of many people I know.

cycle of rebirth and life painted. This is a novel and tone tone poem and one of the most deeply felt and moving films I've seen all year. I truly need to see this again.

minute long explosion of sights and sounds

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