Saturday, February 6, 2021

A pointer toward the African Animation Shorts Collection at Animation First

As part of Animation  First's African Animation sidebar they are running six shorts by African filmmakers. I am not going to go deeply into them  as I would have liked because of an error on my part and error on the festival website (the run time lists the whole collection is 38 minutes, it's twice that) left me with window where I would have no time to actually write up the collection properly.

That said there is some stunning work here with a look and feel all their own. It is definitely worth a look.

An African girl rejects a black Barbie. An excellent meditation on how "white" is considered better.

A beautiful little romance that is filled with wonderful music

A very pointed and very good short about exploitation and colonialism

A woman goes shopping. 
A  bright and beautiful film with a great soundtrack.

Jaw dropping animation about a man who is fading. 
Forgive me the animation just stunned me. Some of this is just magnificent

Beautifully animated in stop motion fairy tale, The longest of the shorts (it runs a half an hour, it is full meal tale of kings and queens and kingdoms. A must see.

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