Saturday, February 20, 2021

Unseen Films turns it up to 11


Neither Unseen nor Bully or Shelly are going anywhere except into the other room for cake


Today we have turned 11.

11 years of movies and madness.

More importantly 11 years of great friends - some I write with, some I write for and some are filmmakers whose work I admire. 

The last 11 years have been a wild ride that has taken myself and my friends from our living room and into film festivals across the globe. We have seen our words go from ones quietly thrown into the dark with the hope someone sees them to become words that people read on screens across the globe in film trailers, while others have ended up hung on the wall on posters.

After having done this 10 times before there is very little left other than to once again say THANK YOU to all of you for coming along on this crazy trip. Its been nuts and as it stands now I have no idea when this madness is going to end (the site has been tentatively programed into mid November). More madness is coming so if you like what we are doing keep reading.

And now time to ask who wants cake?

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