Thursday, February 11, 2021

Brief word on Narratives of Modern Genocide (2021) which is out now and a must see


As I write this I'm feeling pressed for time  being between festivals  and having a great many other films I promised to cover. However I ran across this important film and I had to at least mention it, 

NARRATIVE OF MODERN GENOCIDE is a bleak reminder that bad things are still happening in the world. Focusing on two stories, one from Cambodia, the other from Burundi. The tales highlight the horrors of genocide and they act as a warning of what might happen should the white supremist nut jobs that Donald Trump love so much ever take power.

On a hopeful note the film does let us know what might have been lost ad these men actually been killed in their respective genocides.

Highly recommended

NARRATIVE OF MODERN GENOCIDE is out on VOD and home video

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