Monday, February 22, 2021

Brief thoughts on RAGE (2021)

 A violent home invasion lease the husband in a coma and his wife traumatized. hen he awakes he discovers that one f the attackers is still out and about and it set in motion a revenge plot.

This is a good complicated thriller that will hold your attention. In all seriousness the synopsis above doesn't do justice to the twists and turns that are found inside this film. Big bonus points for not being something you can guess ten minutes in.

Unfortunately the film has one big flaw and that is a run time that is close to two and a half hours. While I appreciate the complexity of the film I ran out of steam about half way in This is not to say the film is bad only that there is a lot to it and I had to stop it and walk away for a bit.

That said I did like it and can easily recommend it to anyone liking thrillers

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