Friday, January 20, 2023

Austin Belzer of Austin B Media has been interviewing Slamdance filmmakers Part 1 (UNDERBUG, DOWNWIND, SILENT LOVE and MILLSTONE)

Over the last year I've become friends with Austin Belzer of Austin B Media. I have no idea what happened but we've been talking on line and sharing information. Clearly he's crazy.

This year with Slamdance I'm taking sharing things a bit farther in that I'm sharing Austin's interviews with the various filmmakers at the festival. Recently he's been talking to all the people that had I not had a day job I would have wanted to be speaking with but couldn't. Basically I'm hiding my jealousy by sharing his interviews.

Hopefully you will like these interviews enough that you will either get to Park City to see the films in person or you'll make an effort to see the films on line.

More importantly what I hope you will do is visit Austin's site, read and watch his stuff and become as big a fan as I am. (His site can be found here)

Before I turn you over to the interviews I say I home  you like them because more are coming

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