Friday, January 20, 2023

Only In Theaters (2022)

Portrait of the Laemmle family and their movie theater empire. We follow the family as theybegin to build new theaters and run into problems as the world shuts down during the pandemic.

If you ever wanted to know what it takes to run a theater chain and keep it a family business, then this film is for you. It’s an eye opening look at the ups and downs of a theatrical business in a rapidly changing world where the changes are not always man made.

The one draw back to the film is going to be how much you are aware of the Laemmle theaters.  Had I not been running and running Unseen Films I would not have been aware of how important the theaters are to inde cinema. They are the chain that filmmakers turn to screen their films for awards consideration. They love to show the work of new and up coming filmmakers and their willingness to screen untested works is what helps keep the cycle of cinema alive. Because I am doing Unseen I was aware of the cinemas, but I would completely understand how someone who didn’t know about the cinemas might not think they are deserving of a full feature.

That said anyone who truly loves the movies and the movie going experience should really see this. 

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