Friday, January 27, 2023

We Were Meant To (2023) Sundance 2023

The official synopsis of the film from the Sundance website is as follows:

“In a world where Black men have wings and their first flight is a rite of passage, Akil must defy fears, insecurities, and societal barriers while discovering his perfect launch into manhood.”

I am quoting it because my efforts to briefly explain the plot end up with me getting tongue tied as my love for the film gets crossed up with simply saying what the film is.

This film is something magical.

This is a film has a great deal to say about growing up for both men and women. I say this because women also go through something similar. 

This is perfect filmmaking. Writer director Tari Wariebi has assembled a magnificent cast and crew that sell the premise of men with wings. I also love the effects used to make us believe since they never look less then perfect. You will wonder how it was done even if you know how it was done.

How good is the film?

It moved me to tears with it’s perfect final image. Yes I suspected what it was going to be but it  didn’t matter because it was so perfectly realized.

A must see.

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