Thursday, January 26, 2023

When It Melts (2023) Sundance 2023

Bleak tale of a troubled life begins as a young woman gets notification that there is to be a memorial service of the brother of a friend. This then starts her thinking back over her life and a horrible event that altered the lives of everyone.

A word of warning right at the start, this is an incredibly tough film. This is the story of a less  than happy life which is tough enough to  handle, however there is sexual violence here which is not for the squeamish and not for those who are triggered by the subject. I mention this up front because this is an excellent film that deserves to be found  by the audience who can appreciate it.

First time director Veerle Baetens hits it out of the park with a stunning tale of the scars left by childhood trauma. Stunning on every level this film is a punch in the face with brass knuckles. Its a film that shows the darkness many people face when growing up. It makes clear that some people don't grow up and get over it, they are scarred for life.

I was rocked by this film. This is a film that gets under you skin and wrecks your soul. I got to the end and stared into space. I can only imagine how crushed I would have been had I seen this in a theater where I couldn't look away.

Make no mistake this film is a masterpiece. Baetens is a director we all will need to watch. 

At the same time this film is so dark and bleak I never want to go there ever again.

Recommended for those who want to go there.

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