Thursday, January 26, 2023

Punk Rock Vegan Movie (2023) Slamdance 2023

Moby tells the history of punk rock and veganism to a talking dog while they play chess.

This is a look at how the questioning nature of punk rock turned many musicians and fans into vegans and champions for animal rights. It's full of interviews and music. It's a film that is all about saving the other creatures in the world.

This is a good look veganism and music.  It's a film that works hard to make the point that animals have rights too.

And I kind of have to leave it there. While I enjoyed a lot of the stories told and the connection between food and music, there was a point where I disconnected. As good as much of this film is the trouble here is that the film pushes it's point really hard at times. It makes it clear where Moby and the people on screen stand which is fine, but there is very little respite from some of the lecturing. Its a stance I find a bit odd because several people talk about how they came to veganism by way of cool people who just sort of quietly sold it and let them make up their minds. Moby is more interested in making up our minds for us.

While I appreciate the message I could have used a softer sell.

That said this is worth a look if the subject interests you

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