Friday, January 27, 2023

Baba (2023) Sundance 2023

An Iranian man tries to keep his apartment as things unravel one afternoon.

Movingly acted and beautifully shot BABA is a stunningly looking short film. It’s as good as a film can get on a technical level. Additionally Amir Zavosh rattles the pillars of heaven as a man under incredible stress. This is performance that should be up for an Oscar next year, except that Oscar acting awards doesn’t do short films.

The problem for me is that this really should have been a feature film.  Feeling more like the climax of a story than something complete. Threads are crashing in as the landlord comes knocking, a son tries to  translate w for his dad and a scammer tries to run off with a painting. There are way too many plot threads here, and while intellectually  things are resolved, emotionally we don’t have any connection. Who are these people? What is so special about the painting? We simply don’t know. I would be curious to try this again if it were turned into a feature.

Despite my reservations I’m recommending this because Zavosh is so damn good, you have to see the performance.

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