Monday, January 30, 2023

Grand Master of Kung Fu (2022) hits digital January 31 and is on Hi YAH! now

During the occupation of China by Japan a Chinese martial artist has a battle with the head of the Japanese forces.

Fast moving action film is incredibly jingoistic. This is a film that is very much about making a large loud point about foreign intervention into China and how the quiet Chinese will kick the ass of anyone who tries to invade. As a piece of big and loud propaganda the film is a bust since it's too strident to be taken seriously. (Actually this is one of the least propaganda films I've seen from the country)

As an action film this film is breezy and mindless fun. Intending on making no inroads in stories, character the film simply functions as a 75 minute series of fights.  Well done with lots of wire work they carry the film along as the politics slows things down. 

Is this the greatest thing since sliced bread? Not even close  but the film hits the right notes and the action is good so I had a good time.

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