Monday, January 30, 2023

The Locksmith (2023)

I went into seeing THE LOCKSMITH with no expectations. The cast is good. The trailer looked like it was more than a pay check job. And on top of it all I figured I could use something to clean the palette from Sundance and Slamdance. I figured if nothing else it would be something mindless.

Was I shocked when the film turned out to be one of the best B crime thrillers in a very long time.

Ryan Phillippe stars as Miller a young safe cracker who gets sent up and sent to prison by a dirty cop. Ten years later Miller gets out of prison and is helped by his friend played by Ving Rhames. All Miller wants to do is connect with his daughter, and maybe his ex-girlfriend who is now a cop herself. However things become complicated as now grown up girl he used to know wants him to pull a job for her. Also the dirty cop is still around and he wants Miller gone or under his control.

Tense crime drama is one of the best of the ex-con gets out of prison genre of the last few years. Extremely well crafted and boasting a cast to die for THE LOCKSMITH grabs our attention. While the film does use some of the expected tropes, it only uses them as starting points, sending the narrative off in less traveled ways. You aren't going to know where this is going.

I loved this film a great deal.  It's good enough that half way through I wish my dad was still alive so I could share it with him. He loved good thrillers like this and he would have been delighted by it.

Highly recommended.

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