Thursday, November 26, 2015

A menu of bad zombie movies for Thanksgiving

Zombie Hunter with Danny Trejo
It does have it all
Over acting, bad acting, bad special effects, non-sequitir, stereo typical characters (The guy who thinks he is tough, the tough guy who puts him in his place. The girl trying to pull off tough and fails. Bad special effects. Stupid news people.
It's either a bad movie or an attempt to make a bad movie that is just bad.

Zombie Diaries 2
Five years after the first film showed us video diaries charting the start of a zombie outbreak this film follows a bunch of survivors as they make their way across England. Enough with the found footage, the film is completely wrecked by the constant camera motion and the camera not showing us anything.

Nightmare City
Atomic zombies run about killing people and drinking their blood. And I do mean run about so the idea that the 28 Days films created running zombies is hogwash. This Umberto Lenzi monstrosity has things set in motion when a military plane lands at a civilian airport and disgorges its contents of irradiated zombies. Making no sense whats so ever the film grows tedious rather quickly as beautiful shots (the running lawn mower crossing the lawn) mix with horrible makeup (some people appear to have fright masks) and special effects (that's not blood that's paint). There is no real plot just a series of loosely connected incidents. Watching the film recently I realized that over the previous 35 years I'd never seen the film all the way to the end, turning it off somewhere along the way. Put this on my all time worst list.

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