Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nightcap 11/29/15- the annual pause begins, cinematic Russian Roulette and Randi's links

The film year has deflated and is packed up like the worlds biggest rubber duck now we have to get ready for 2016

The pin is pulled and we are now on the down slope to the New Year. Look for a flood of new films in theaters and for Unseen Films to drift back to older titles as we play catch up with everything.

Personally I’m looking forward to getting my life back and just chilling. Well not chilling so much as clearing the crap of the last 10 months. I have tons of laundry to do, piles of books and press notes to sort and pitch and friends to reconnect with. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost a few friends simply because I was so busy doing Unseen that I couldn’t make time for them and they ran off into the night.(They may have been kidnapped by aliens I believe I got a frantic text from Chocko saying something to that effect)

As it stand now we have little that we’ve actually said we’d cover so much of the next few weeks are going to be whatever the hell we want to share with you. There is going to be a bunch of new releases this week, some Cannon films releases around Christmas and a bunch of reposts. As things stand now I’m trying to put together a long gestating project involving an overview of Peter Greenaway films for January. I’m also toying doing a month of films on the order of the month of Zatoichi that we did two years ago.

But keep reading because at this point I don't know whats going to be coming (well this week a whole bunch of new releases and after that who the hell knows)
Typically- Give me time with no need to review anything and I'll start going through the piles of DVDs I collect. I literally have piles of film of stuff I'm handed from people who know I'll watch anything, stuff I ordered or, my favorite, stuff from discount dollar bins- sure they aren't always a dollar but films for a couple of bucks with no cover just a cardboard or paper sleeve are things I can't resist. Its the cinematic equivalent  of playing Russian roulette- you never know what you're going to get so you could hit the jackpot or hit the eject button.

Since I've been so busy lately I really had no clue what to watch on Thanksgiving eve, I simply reached into the pile and started to watch things at random...

ACOD (2013)
A man with severe problems as a result of his parents divorce has to contend with his parents coming together for his brothers wedding and the discovery he was secretly part of a program to study children of divorce. Meh film has moments but is too mannered to be much of anything.

Characters similar to those in the HANGOVER are forced to participate in HUNGER GAMES like tournament against other movies. Stupid ass mash up has some laughs but is not something you ever want to admit to paying for. I paid 2 bucks for a DVD and should probably be laughed at because of it.

You like the first film? Then you'll like this. More of the same for the ten year old crowd.

Soldier in Vietnam is dumped by his girlfriend risks going AWOL to sneak back home during leave to win her back. If you like trashy romances you'll love this.

White kids wants to get on the basketball team  because he thinks it will make him seem black. WTF film misses the mark despite some moments.

Space scavengers find some alien technology and are pursued by people wanting to possess it. Good looking low budget scifi is perfect late night popcorn fare. Not high art but in the right frame of mind highly entertaining.

TAMMY (2014)
I haven't seen many, if any at all, Melissa McCarthy films but this film is so bad I never want to see another. I threw the DVD so hard it stuck in the wall

And Now some links from the one the only Randi:

female gladiators
the darkside of toy story
Oz in disrepair
The legendary Palace theater is moving-up
The Japanese censor their f-ing sale

And from John
The difference between Spielberg and Kubrick

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