Sunday, November 29, 2015

All About E (2015)

E is a hot shot DJ in a gay club. She breezes through life getting any girl she wants. One morning she wakes up to discover that she has some how picked up a bag of money. Her best friend, and faux husband Matt wants to give the money back but E talks him out of it  with thoughts of opening their own club. However the pair soon end up on the run as her boss wants his money back, and will stop at nothing to get it back. The pair end up fleeing into the out back and to the home of E's great love who has very mixed emotions about E's return.

Good time passer is enjoyable more for the characters than the plot. Writer Director Louise Wadley has fashioned some rather complex characters with none of the three principles, E, Matt or E's love Trisha being simplified romantic comedy characters. Wadley gets many bonus points for daring to make a film where you really don't don't like the main character for a third to half of the films run time.  E really is a screw up who's blustering through life really has reduced bits of her life to ash.

The problem with the film comes in the plotting.Instead of just being a complex and adult romantic comedy drama Wadley throws in the bag of money. While it does act as a catalyst for the events to transpire it also cause friction since the "crime" sequences are not as strong as the interpersonal ones and the characters attached to it such as Johnny, E's boss, are no where near as well drawn. I kept wanting the film go go back to watching the two women crash into each other.

I like ALL ABOUT E, but I'm really annoyed because there is some truly great stuff here and I wanted to love the film. However despite not loving the film I do recommend this nice little confection because the good ultimately out weighs the bad and you'll really want to see this.

ALL BOUT E hits DVD, Bluray and VOD on Tuesday and is worth a look.

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