Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last House (2015)

Jason Mewes plays Ned, a young man in love with a call girl named Love. He doesn’t care that she’s a call girl, he just loves her. She loves that he accepts her. However she knows it’s time to get out of the business and she lets her pimp know she’s leaving. He agrees if she’ll go to this one last party with a couple of other girls. It turns out that the party is with some crazies and it looks like it’s going to fall to Ned to rescue her.

Strangely low key horror film is better than you’d think it will be gains points for not following the typical mad psychos on the loose film. In it’s way the film is actually restrained with nothing too graphic and there being a lot of good talk. I’m not sure that the film is scary but it does hold your attention better than many bigger budgeted or so called better films.

The one place where the film gets wonky is in the casting. While most of the cast is good, there are a few that are less so including top billed Mewes who even after 83 roles, according IMDB, is still stiff. While he’s better than he was in some of his earlier films, he’s still not an actor. Strangely despite being top billed and having a good chunk of screen time he’s not really given a great deal to do.

LAST HOUSE is a good little film. While not likely to become your next all time favorite, it is a pleasant time passer, especially when you want to go off the board and see something that isn’t your typical by the numbers film.

LAST HOUSE hit home video and VOD on Tuesday

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