Sunday, November 15, 2015

In brief: LOVE AND PEACE (2015) Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival 2015

Sion Sono's musical romance fantasy giant monster movie is something only he could pull off. Not only pull off but do so with so much skill that he moves you to tears at the end. Its magical

Ryo is a salary man who is greatly put upon by life. Once an almost rock star he now works in an office. He likes a mousy girl in his office but has no idea if she feels the same When his turtle gets flushed down the toilet he is consumed with guilt. But the turtle suddenly can grant Ryo's wishes-with the price of his growing to a size equal to the desire in the wish.

Sheer movie magic of the sort that only Sion Sono can manage. Sono is one of the greatest directors working today and his ability to make subjects like  this work is amazing.Actually that he can bounce between subjects and genres is the amazing part- there seems nothing he can't do from hip hop musical (TOKYO TRIBE) to mad killer movie (COLD FISH) to quiet meditative film inspired by his dad (BE SURE TO SHARE)  he can do it all and do it well.  When he makes a film I never question what it is I simply try to see it because it's something special.

I have no idea where to start with this film and I'm not going to try. I'm simply going to say go find a copy and see the wonders for yourself.

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  1. Also saw this at IIFFF and couldn't agree with you more. Of all the great films they showed, this was the best. I felt a bit of nostalgia for the old Jim Henson specials while watching this, an absolutely beautiful film.