Thursday, November 19, 2015

Frame by Frame (2015) in LA and opens Friday in New York- Go See it

Currently open in LA and opening this Friday at New York's IFC Center FRAME BY FRAME is a stunning visual experience. Its also one hell of a ride.

The film follows four photojournalists in Afghanistan as they record the events of their country. That may sound like nothing special but consider that when the Taliban controlled the country taking a photo could get you thrown in jail or killed. The journalists show us what they do, talk about their lives and explain why they do it.

Add FRAME BY FRAME to the list of recent films of photography that are great. Add this to the list of films that include FINDING VIVIAN MAIER, EDDIE ADAMS SAIGON '68 and SALT OF THE EARTH. This is one of those films that makes you wonder why a film about stopping time makes such a great subject for something that is all about moving through time. This is a film that will blow you away visually and at the same tie make you realize that you really don't know or even understand what is going on half a world away.

You'll forgive me for not going on and waxing poetic about the film instead of grabbing you by your lapels and telling you to drop what you're doing and go see this. I'm really not in a position or frame of mind to do more than say "go see this". Its not the film's fault it's just that I'm burned out after over doing on a couple of film festivals.

I was not supposed to see FRAME BY FRAME and despite my desire to see it I was avoiding it because I knew that if I liked it I couldn't write the film up in a way that was deserving of it's quality. I was fine until through an exchange of emails with someone connected to the film a chance to see the film right then fell into my lap. Feeling ambitious I said yes...and well I fell in love with the film while at the same time exhausted my ability to write it up by talking it up before I could get to my lap top. I have a very set routine about writing and talking after a film, there are certain no nos and I did them all. The result I lost a large number of my words before I could get them on paper.

On the other hand,the six that survived are the most important THIS IS GREAT GO. SEE IT. That's all you need to know.

FRAME BY FRAME is open in LA and starts Friday in New York. You know what to do.

(And do I need to warn you there are some disturbing images?)

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