Sunday, November 22, 2015

Above and Below (2015) DOC NYC 2015

ABOVE AND BELOW played a single time at DOC NYC I'm not sure if it was worth going to see.

The film is Nicolas Steiner's look at fringe dwellers in the American South West. April takes part in a simulated Mars trip, Dave lives in an abandoned bunker and a trio lives in the storm drains of Las Vegas and have to deal with the occasional dangerous flooding. We watch as the various people go through their lives and discuss how they got to this point.

To be honest this film completely eluded me, no not eluded me made me wonder why I was watching it and why anyone thought that this film should run two hours long.

The problem for me is that there have been variations on the stories told here over the last few years and they were done more quickly and much more to the point. The one film that instantly jumped to mind was Steve Birnbaum's LOST VEGAS which covered the stories of people living in the Las Vegas storm drains much more succinctly. LOST VEGAS moved me deeply. ABOVE AND BELOW had me nodding off.

Its not bad, more it's just not particularly exciting.

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