Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rock in the Red Zone (2015) Other Israel Film Festival

In 2007 director Laura Bialis became curious about the town of Sedrot in Israel. The town on the border near the Gaza Palestinian settlements was a regular target for rocket attacks. The whole town was dotted with bomb shelters. What intrigued Bialis was the stories of the music scene. The town full of immigrants from across the Mediterranean was turning out all sorts of great music, including one group which ended up on the Eurovison Song Contest.

Telling the intertwined stories of the town and her life after visiting it for the first time Bialis weaves a vast tapestry of life going on despite tragedy. Its a story full of not only good people but good music. This is the story of a whole town finding refuge in music... and of a filmmaker finding a life with one of the musicians

I really like this film a great deal.

While the film is one of several recent films about music giving refuge in time of war, the place where this film scores over the other films is with the music.  I love the music. I love the constant stream of varying types of music and the ability to see the musicians making it. I suspect had I seen this on a truly big screen with big sound I would have been dancing in the aisles. It is through all of the music that you truly get the sense of a town being really alive.

Wholeheartedly recommended to anyone who wants to feel good about the human spirit.

ROCK IN THE RED ZONE played Friday and plays again tomorrow as part of The Other Israel Film Festival. For Tickets and more information go here

The film opens Thursday the 12th in New York and December 2nd in LA.

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